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I recently responded to a thread on the SiliconBeach email list that was looking at the issue of Australians underselling themselves and how this adversely affects their ability to get traction I the US. The post below is a slightly edited and cleaned up version.

In principle I agree with the sentiment that self-marketing is detracting from the SiliconBeach list, I reckon most people have met

On October 15th, 2010 I made the pilgrimage back to the MIT Media Lab for its 25th Anniversary celebrations. Some 18 years after first arriving at the lab as raw Master's student and 12 years after leaving as a newly minted Ph.D. this proved to be perhaps the best return visit I've had to date. It really helped me crystalise my own understanding of how special the Media Lab is and why I've made certain key career decisions since graduating. The event was one of the best I've been to at the lab, replete with talks from faculty, alumni, and luminaries such as MIT President Emeritus Charles Vest and Google CEO Eric Schmidt, demos galore in the new Media Lab building, and an awesome party in the new conference space on top of the aforementioned building.

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Ok so I've finally launched the site. Thanks to all those who helped me and gave feedback. You will note that some sections have reasonable amount of content while others are still rather sparse. This will change over time.

I hope you all enjoy the content here and find it useful.