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On My Bookshelf

Maybe I'm old fashioned but I love books as means for learning for a number of reasons

  • To be published they've had to go through editorial review
  • Paper is easier on the eye than the screen
  • You can read about 25% faster than when using the screen
  • The layout and thickness aids memory recall through physical interaction, and
  • Books don't need to be plugged into a power source to be accessed

I've bought lots of books over the years, the ones I've included here I've found to be particularly useful.

The Long Tail


This book looks at how technology has changed the way market places can be constructed by enabling users to access not just the hits but the less popular items of interest. The overall effect is that of increased consumption of a much larger range of products whether it be CDs, DVDs, or Books.

Recommended For

Enrepreneurs wanting to launch a new online service, Anyone involved in the media industry, Anyone working industries with very wide ranges of inventory.

Don't Make Me Think


A simple and very well written book, the subtitle "A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability" says it all. If you're thinking about designing a web site this book will prevent you from making common but fatal design errors and instead help you create a site that looks and operates in a professional manner.

I read this book in a couple of hours and picked up many useful tips and tricks. I'm a big believer in things "looking right", Steve's book helped me understand why I've felt better about some sites and not others.

Recommended For

Anyone wanting to build a website

Joomla! A User's Guide


I was presently surprised by this book, I was expecting to find a technically skewed book that focused on how to use Joomla! but instead I found a richly featured tome that went way beyond the basics of how to drive the Joomla! GUI to create a site.

The author covers a number of important related topics that include the factors that contribute to a successful search ranking and what extensions he's successfully used himself in the creation of Joomla! websites. No hype just plainly written explanations and several great examples that show the power of the Joomla CMS.

Recommended For

People wanting to get started with Joomla, note this book does not explain how to write extensions for Joomla

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