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Monday, 08 September 2008 00:00

Business is becoming more and more cut-throat as people clamor to cope with rising costs and personal demands. And while the retirement of baby-boomers will likely result in structurally low unemployment for the near to mid term, the simple fact is the number of jobs diminishes the higher up the ladder you go. To move up you must become effective at the art of getting promoted.

People get promoted when a number of factors collide:

  1. they become very good at their current role to the point where it’s no longer challenging
  2. they express a desire to get promoted
  3. the business has an opportunity for them to step up into a higher role
  4. the business views them as someone they’d need to keep working for them in the longer term

Employees must realize that all four of these things must be in place for someone to get promoted, just being good at what you do 1) is not reason enough for a promotion to take place. If you don’t ask to get promoted your boss will hold off until you do since you’re now a cheap resource. If the business can’t support your accession to a new role then the work simply isn’t there for you to do. And finally, if they can’t see where you’d add value in the longer term it’s time to move on in any event.

The best way to get promoted is to construct the following scenario

  1. become excellent at your current role, it should be obvious to everyone that you’re doing a great job
  2. start doing the primary functions of the higher role as if you're already promoted, show that you can comfortable operate at the higher grade / level / band etc, so that people will look you and say “yes I can see you could handle the promotion without breaking a sweat”
  3. become clear about what the organization needs and paint a picture of how you could help it get there by being afforded the chance to contribute via the higher role

Once you’ve got 1) – 3) in place start feeling out your Boss about the promotion. If you’ve done your job well it will be obvious to him or her that you’re not just someone who thinks they’re entitled to a promotion but instead is someone who can make a valuable contribution and is focused on growing the business. In short they’ll be working out way’s to keep you around. Even if there isn’t a direct opportunity to get promoted, they may create another opportunity for you in some other part of the business.

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