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Monday, 08 September 2008 00:00

My Background Roger Kermode


I've been very fortunate to have had some great educational experiences and along the way I've earned a Master's and Ph.D. from the MIT Media Lab where I was a Fulbright Scholar after starting of with Bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Melbourne. I've also since gone on to complete the NSW Enterprise Workshop (a fantastic course for entrepreneurship and developing a business plan) and more recently I graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course (highly recommend this too).


I currently split my time across a number of organisations in the startup space

  • ANZA Technology Network, Director Business Development - Looking for Australian companies who would benefit from ANZA's Fasttrack Program for market entry to the US and China
  • MEGA NSW, Manager - Running a course for first time entrepreneurs, aim is to get them seed ready for the various incubators around town
  • Pushstart, Co-Founder - New incubator for mobile and web businesses, more to be announced shortly

I also consult to a number of small companies on an ongoing basis helping them with early stage commercilization.

  • Scan2List, Executive Chairman - Australia's best mobile shopping app: "Scan, List, Share", iPhones for now, other platforms coming soon.
  • Mobeseek, Advisor - Award Winning Full Service Mobile Agency

I find that I'm able to help them by, looking at where their needs are in Technology, Marketing, Intellectual Property, and Strategy and then working with the founders and C-level executives to augment the existing team in focused cost-effective manner.

Some of my other engagements:

  • Created the Intellectual Property Strategy for a small media startup. I rewrote their core patent so that it will be granted as well as analysed their competitors to see 1) who could buy them, 2) to work out where opportunities are for new revenue streams, and 3) how they should best position their IP to maximize value creation and hence investor ROI. This company recently closed a sizeable Series-A round with high-profile Silicon Valley VC.
  • SE Asia Market Entry. Did a deal for a company that results in 2B+ / impressions¬† month with a major Mobile Ad Network
  • Sourced a data center in the US for one client, reduced their COGS by 70%.
  • Risk Audit for a large Australian public company on a multimillion dollar project
  • Led the development of the Research Programs for tow Cooperative Research Centres that secured approx AUD$250m in funding
  • Served as an independent examiner for the 2009 Cooperative Research Centre program
  • Provided initial advice to a NSW Government Department on what's required to create a successful CRC bid application


In the past I've worked for the Prime Media Group as the founding CTO of iPrime where my team created Hyperlocal and Integrated media offerings (think large numbers of very local sites and advertising that combines TV, Online, and Mobile). I've also worked for Motorola in the USA and in Sydney where I built up and led a Networking Research Lab of very talented engineers who created and delivered home networking technologies into Motorola's product groups in the USA and China. While at Motorola I helped put together the global research strategies for the "Broadband To and In the Home" and "Internet" focus areas. I also helped put together the research program for the $130m Smart Internet Co-operative Research Centre bid. I subsequently joined the Smart Internet CRC, I worked to commercialize several technologies and again was one of the central people who put together the successful $125m bid to renew the CRC's funding as the Smart Services CRC. Earlier in my career I worked at Telstra's Research Labs in Melbourne, and also as intern at Silicon Graphics Inc in Mountain View, CA.

Along the way I've done a number of extra-curricular activities including serving as President of MIT's Graduate Student Council, i was a member of the (Australian) Prime Minister's Education Science Engineering Innovation Council working group into Australia's Information Technology and Communications Research and Development base, and I also co-chaired an IETF working group on reliable multicast transport (rmt).


I am the lucky husband of Trish, and proud father of two gorgeous daughters; Keira and Jessica.

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