This site is a little different to most blogs. Instead of having a single linear group of articles with tags and an archive to help navigate, I've tried to break out some of the articles into three dedicated sections to make navigation easier and the linking more explicit:

  • Creative Conflict - Thoughts on competing points of view and how to leverage the differences
  • How To - Common challenges and some thoughts on how to approach them
  • Trend or Fad - Longer pieces on emerging trends

In the spirit of less is more, I will try to keep to keep the articles and entries reasonably short with the aim of providing starting points for readers to form their own opinions / reactions in lieu of trying to write lengthy definitive tomes.This should also help me keep to my goal of adding 1 to 2 new articles per week on an ongoing basis.

I've also included a separate section on Resources that I've found to be useful that may be of useful to others

  • Personal Blogs - Other people's blogs that I regularly read
  • News Sites - Various Sites that I regularly read to keep up with the news
  • Cool Companies - Companies that I've come into contact with who are doing cool stuff
  • Library - Books that I've read and recommend on a variety of topics
  • Organizations - Interesting organizations that can help your career